What would you do?

I do not understand road rage. I get angry or frustrated just like everyone, but I don’t understand the idea of using a 4000 pound bullet going 75 miles an hour to express those emotions.

A few days ago I was driving on the Madison beltline, with a pretty decent amount of traffic. A van came speeding up from behind. She passed me on the right and squeezed in between me and the car in front me. I watched as she drove too fast, weaving between cars, squeezing in where she really shouldn’t try. I saw brake lights everywhere. No one knew what to do to avoid her. She even honked at someone who didn’t get out of her way. When I exited and had gone through a couple stop lights, there she was stopped next to me. All her wild driving had gotten her nowhere. She had endangered lives and accomplished nothing. She was in the same place as me and I had followed the rules.

Then, came the interesting part.  Have you ever seen the show “What would you do?”

The show works on the premise that if you witness something you know to be wrong, would you step in? We all think that if someone is in danger, we would help. But what if it is just crossing a line? What point do we help a total stranger? What point do we step out of our comfort zone for the benefit of someone we don’t know? When is it helping and when is it just butting in?

That show came to mind when the woman pulled into a daycare parking lot. Was she really driving like that with kids in car?

An hour later I drove past the same parking lot and her car was still there. realized that she wasn’t dropping kids off, she was late for work. She was going in to care for those kids. And there was her car was parked next to the their buses. Now my concern was if she drove those buses. If she did, I prayed that what I had seen earlier wasn’t her typical driving style and didn’t give insight to her manner with the kids. I wondered if I should have stopped earlier and asked her about her driving.

What would you have done?

Dear God,
I hope pray that you show us when we should be there to help others. We want to be helpful, we are just afraid of what others would think of us. Help us to know what is right. Help us to do what your Son would have done.
In His name we pray,

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