My friend Jack

For the past several years there has been a very special young man on my prayer list. I first met him at church, through his parents. Even though he was younger than Ryan, they were great friends. If you know me, you probably know Jack.

I belong to the Sun Prairie United Methodist Church. We have confirmation available to kids in 9th grade and everyone in the class has an adult mentor. Some of the kids will ask an adult who they want to be their mentor, but many of them are “assigned” an adult. I was honored when Jack asked Kirby and I to be his mentors. It meant so much to me.

Jack is a wonderful young man who is going to be a senior in high school this fall. He has had some struggles the last couple years and he had a hard time when Ryan passed away. Still, his faith remains strong. I am so proud of what an incredible person he is and how much he relies on God. I wish that there were more young people with his courage and faith.

Jack has an wonderful family, that we are lucky enough to call our friends. God is at the very center of each of their lives. Today I pray that each of you has someone in your life that inspires you, the way that Jack inspires me. Someone that reminds you of what a bright future looks like. Someone with a heart for God.

Dear Father,
Thank you for bringing Jack into my life. Thank you for helping him, guiding him and protecting him. Please help him and others his age, to learn to follow you as they become adults. And please bless their parents with wisdom, patience and faith.
It is in your name,

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