I miss you Ryan.

Today has been a emotional day for me.  As it has been every year on this day, since July 8, 1999 – 14 years ago today.  That day started like every other Thursday.  Kirby got up and went to work.  The kids and I sat down to breakfast.  Ryan said his hand was bothering him.  I called the Dr., took Ryan for a CT scan, and the rest is history.   I woke up in my own bed and spent that night in Ryan’s hospital room.  Life was never the same.

I will never get over how much our world changed that day.  I got out of bed with the typical worries and couldn’t sleep that night not knowing what the next day would hold.   Instead of worrying about money, cars and house cleaning, I was worried about Ryan’s life.  Something that I never imagined could ever happen.

That was today.  I had a busy day, but I couldn’t get past the memories of that day.  I can’t believe it has been 14 years.  I still can’t believe Ryan isn’t here anymore.  I can’t believe how much I miss him.

So today I selfishly ask for those of you who knew Ryan to take a moment and think about him.   Today, I thank God for the 16 years he was with us and I look forward to the day I see him again.

Dear God,
Thank you for blessing our lives with the ones that we love. Watch over us, protect us, guide us. We are your children and look forward to the day we see you face to face.
In your name,

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One Response to I miss you Ryan.

  1. ljwscherer says:

    Miss the RyGuy!

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