A pretty good day.

Several years ago I learned a saying that I use whenever something unfortunate happens to me:

If thats the worst thing that happens to me today, it will be a pretty good day!

I use it to remind myself that things are just things and spilled milk is just that. It helps me keep my perspective. It helped me yesterday morning.

Yesterday I had a minor fender bender. In fact it was so minor that is was a just a fender scratcher. I got out of the car with my claws out ready to defend myself when I was greeted by a very kind and apologetic man. I was very surprised by how nice he was. After he apologized several times, I told him “Don’t worry. If that is the worst thing that happens today, its a pretty good day.” And I meant it.

I was upset until I realized it could have been so much worse. I started thinking about a friend who went jogging one Sunday afternoon a couple months ago, was hit by a drunk driver and died instantly. Three kids were left without a mom and a man lost his wife. How could I really get upset about a few scratches?

Today would be a pretty good day.

Life is full of unexpected events. We don’t know what the day will hold when our feet hit the floor in the morning. I pray that your day is happy and that anything unexpected is only good. I pray your day is full of Gods blessings.

Dear God,
Help me to appreciate what really matters in this world. Please help me to remember that things are just things. Remind to never take anything, or more importantly anyone, for granted.
In your name.

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