A beautiful day for a trip.

This morning a group of youth and adults from our church left for Estes Park, Colorado for a Logo’s conference. They will be driving all day today and tomorrow, spending the week there, and then head home next Saturday. There has a group going from our church each year for several years but this is the first time Mallory is going with them. Today I will pray for them and I ask you to do the same.

From what I have heard in the past, it is a wonderful experience. Kids and adults all come back rejuvenated, inspired and exhausted. They spend time in worship, fellowship, singing and find time for outdoor adventure. I know that they will have a great time.

So for today, I pray they have a safe and fun trip. I pray that everyone travelling during this busy weekend arrive safely at their destination. And I ask that you join me in that prayer.

Dear God,
I know that you love us and want happiness for us all. I ask that you watch over the Logo’s conference this next week. I pray that you guide the leaders in their work, provide patience and wisdom for all the chaperones, and help everyone there to have a wonderful and safe time. Protect everyone travelling this weekend so that they arrive safely at their destination. And finally, help us all to remember, worship and honor You today and everyday.
In the name of your Son.

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