Independence Day Eve

Happy Independence Day Eve!

When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself that I would not get into any political discussions. That is a pretty safe bet with me. I am not very political. I don’t understand politics and I have no interest in trying to. I am not political, but I am patriotic. I thank God everyday that there are people smarter than I, who dedicate their life to serving this country. Whether it is serving as an elected official or wearing the uniform of one of the military branches. Whether it is fighting for freedom, protecting our way of life, trying to improve our economy, or working to help the less fortunate. I know there are wonderful people out there who work hard to protect and serve this country.

Tomorrow our country celebrates 237 years of freedom. We are country of misfits, rebels and free-speakers. I may not agree with what you believe in or what you say, but I am glad that I live in a place where we are allowed to disagree. I fly my flag proudly (everyday!) to show my support for this “country under God”.

So tomorrow I hope you enjoy a barbecue, a lazy day in the sun, or some evening fireworks. I hope you get a chance to enjoy your freedom. And I hope you take a moment to think about those men and women who make it all possible.

Gracious and Loving God,
I am so thankful that I live in a place and time that affords me so many freedoms. I ask today that you provide wisdom and courage to all those men and women that are working to serve and protect our country. And I also ask that you help me to remember and honor all those who have given their lives in sacrifice for our freedom.
In the name of your Son, the one who gave his life to save mine.

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