Angels among us

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe that their are beings among us that God has sent down to guide and protect us? Do you have a guardian angel?

About a year ago, Mallory and I were on a trip. We were headed home and it was only about 10am. I did the unimaginable. I fell asleep at the wheel. It happened very suddenly. I didn’t feel like I was drifting off. Just all the sudden I was asleep. Then with a jolt, I heard:


I woke just as I hit the rumble strips. It scared me to death! I was so startled that I immediately took the next exit and told Mallory she needed to drive for awhile. She did. And we didn’t talk about what happened, until several months later.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone what I did. But something came up once and I admitted it. I said that if Mallory hadn’t yelled, I don’t know what would have happened. Thank God she was in the car. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said:

“I didn’t know you fell asleep. I couldn’t figure out why hitting the rumble strips had upset you. I never yelled anything.”

I don’t know if you believe in angels, but I am positive that my little angel woke me up that morning. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that, for whatever reason, Ryan was allowed to protect us from would have been sure tragedy. My little angel saved our lives.

I hope you are not thinking right now that I believe I am someone special, saved because I put my life in God’s hands. Terrible things happen everyday to people that are much better humans than I. Bad things happen to good people. I don’t pretend to understand the good or bad of this world. But for that split second last summer, my son reached through to this world, and saved me and Mallory’s lives. And I thank God for allowing that to happen.

Today, I hope that you are blessed with an angel by your side. And I hope that you remember to thank God for that gift.

Gracious God,
Thank you for sending angels to earth to protect and guide us. Thank you for the big miracles that we notice and for the ones that happen that we don’t even notice. This world can be a very scary and dangerous place. Please help us to keep our eyes on you, so that this temporary life will someday give way to our eternal life with you.

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