What is Church?

What is church? Do you think of a building with a cross and steeple? Or is church a group of people who share their faith? Do you go to church or are you a part of the church?

This morning I attended worship at West Des Moines Christian Church. This is the church I belonged to for the first 35 years of my life. I was dedicated and baptized there. Kirby and I were married there. Ryan and Mallory were both dedicated there. The location has changed, but the church hasn’t. It has been almost 16 years since we moved from Des Moines, and yet there are still so many wonderful people that I know at that church. It is so nice to feel so welcome.

While Ryan was sick, I often wondered how people went through similar situations without a church family. I know that the love and support we received from ours is what kept me going. It is that love from others and the promise of eternity that has helped Kirby, Mallory and I to continue living. Knowing that we will be able to see Ryan, Dad, Ted and all those others that have gone on ahead of us is what gets me out of bed each day. Knowing that some day I will see Jesus face-to-face, and be able to thank him for what he did for us, is what keeps me going.

Today, on this day of Sabbath, thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ. Thank God for the gift of the Church.

Gracious and Holy God,
Thank you for all you have set before us. Thank you for sending your Son to teach us to worship you, to love each other and to look forward to the day we will be at your side.
In your name,

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