A cats life

I am in Des Moines this weekend visiting my mom. As I sit here watching the rain fall and listening to it hit the windows, I notice Charlie (the cat) curled up sleeping. What a life. I was struck with the thought of the different animals in our world, domestic and wild.

Why do we think we own our pets? Don’t they really own us?

As our children grow up, we teach them to be self sufficient. They have responsibilities and chores that they are required to do. And yet, we bring pets into our home and become slaves to them. We are the more evolved species and yet we are the ones that are cleaning out litter boxes, bathing them, and caring for them. In return, for most of these pets, we get unconditional love. A trade that is well worth the trouble.

Mallory got Charlie for my parents shortly after Ryan passed away. A year later my dad was gone. Charlie has been the perfect companion for Mom. He has an attitude but is still a loving animal in his own way. He talks more than any cat I have ever seen. I am more of a dog person, but Charlie is alright by me. What a gift to be able to love people without judgment. I guess we could all learn something from our pets.

Today, I hope you are loved unconditionally and learn to love others in the same way.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of our pets. Please help us to learn how to love from those animals that we bring into our homes and into our hearts. May we all be better companions to those in our life.

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