Dream a little dream

Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes. While I sleep, I have very vivid dreams and I am lucky enough to remember many of them. I have several different “types” of dreams:

1. Some dreams are just what I think is just my mind “sweeping out the closets”. These are dreams that don’t make any sense. Just a bunch of weird things thrown together.
2. Many of my dreams are “memory” dreams. These are the dreams where I get to relive some wonderful day some the past.
3. I also have “recurring” dreams. Usually these are something my mind seems to be trying to work out.
4. My favorite dreams are what I call “visit” dreams. These are those dreams where I wake up with the feeling that I actually spent time with Ryan, Dad or Granny.

I have had two very memorable visit dreams with Ryan. The first one I was in a big room and Ryan came running from a door at the opposite corner. We hugged so tight my arms ached. I asked him some questions, and these were his answers:

“I am fine. It is great to not be sick anymore.”
“I miss you guys, but it is different here. I don’t feel sad.”
“You have to go now. You aren’t supposed to be here yet.”

I woke up hugging my pillow, with an unbelievable sense of peace. I really felt that I had been allowed to hear from him. It was an amazing gift.

Today, I hope you enjoy a beautiful dream.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of dreams. Thank you for giving us those little vacations for our mind while our body rests and recovers from the day. Today I ask that you let our loved ones that are already there with you, know that we miss them and look forward to seeing them again.

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