In another episode of Thankful Thursdays…

I have another confession to make. I am one of those people. I like to sing out loud when I am alone in the car. Really loud. Sometimes I will end up horse from singing so loud.

I spent 5 hours alone in the car today. Yes, I sang. I wish I had a voice that others would like to listen to. I like singing so much that I would really like to sing in the church choir. Unfortunately I did not get my mom’s beautiful singing voice. Dad used to say that people asked him to sing solo, “So low they cant hear me.” I consider myself somewhere in between the two…

Music is amazing. Think about it. The same instrument can make many different sounds. You can combine the same instruments and get so many different sounds. And there are so very many different styles of music. I enjoy lots of different types of music but my favorites are Contemporary Christian and Country. Maybe that is because of what the lyrics say, or maybe it is because they are the easiest to sing along to.

And did you ever notice how easy it is to remember the lyrics to a song once you learn them? Most people can still belt out the theme songs to TV shows that aired in the 70s. My sister sings Green Acres at any chance she gets. (How many of you are now singing it too?)

So today, I am thankful for music. I hope you enjoy some music for yourself today. And if you see me driving alone, please ignore my solo serenade…

Dear God,
Today I am so thankful for the gift of music. Thank you for creating such a wonderful way for to be entertained. And thank you for all those with the incredible gift of composing, writing, playing, and singing all the beautiful music we are able to enjoy.

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