Words sent to my heart.

Jesus wept.

That is one of my favorite scriptures. Simple, to the point, and very poignant. God became human, he came to earth, he loved, he felt pain, and he wept. It is just 2 words. It is just an emotion. And yet it means so very much to me.

Jesus wept.

This scripture first spoke to me during Ryan’s illness. Have you ever opened your Bible looking for something and the answer just pops right out? That is just what happened. I was sad and scared, and suddenly there was Jesus crying with me. He had been human. He had known pain. Others had disappointed and betrayed him. Yet he still gave his life to save ours. He wept too.

Life can be beautiful, wonderful and funny. In the blink of an eye, it can turn dark and scary. Regardless, it is just temporary. Our entire life on this planet is temporary in fact. This will all turn to dust. What remains is our final place, eternity.

Dear and Heavenly Father,
You know our pain. You feel it. You share in it. You ask us to give it to you. Someday this will be just a memory and we will know the joy of being at your side. Worshipping you with our loved ones.
We thank you for your Son, who gave his life to save ours. Who became human to weep with us.

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