Hello Summer

We are now 2 days into summer. I have to say that we in Wisconsin have had a beautiful spring. The weather has been wonderful and the temperatures have been very comfortable. We have enough rain to keep everything green, but not enough to make it too humid. The evenings have been cool enough to sit outside by a fire, but not too cool. It has been a nearly ideal spring.

Friday was the first day of summer, and someone flipped a switch. Saturday was hot and humid. We turned the air-conditioning on. It was too humid to sit on the deck. And last night we had another thunderstorm, with more forecast for today. It really felt like Mother Nature looked at the calendar and saw it was time for summer. Life marches on, spring is over until next year.

Life reminds me a lot of nature. We all go through “seasons” during our life. Unlike a calendar where we can anticipate the upcoming climate, life tends to jump between seasons without warning. We have times where life seems to be perfect. We get to enjoy so many things and everything is beautiful. We also have the hot, humid and stressful times where life is doable but not very comfortable. We have all had seasons where we feel life changing like the leaves turning on the trees, or the frozen days of winter where life feels buried under a deep blanket of snow. What we need to remember, and we need to cherish, is that regardless of the season we are in, God is always with us.

God loves to see us enjoying life. He puts his arms around us when we are struggling with stress. He carries us when we are too tired to carry ourselves. He laughs with us, loves with us, mourns with us, and cries with us. When we cry, he catches our tears and counts each one. He shares our joy and sorrow. He loves us.

I hope that you are enjoying the weather, wherever you are. I hope you are enjoying life. And I hope you are sharing your joys and sorrows with God.

Dear God.
Thank you for the seasons of the year. Thank for the beauty of the earth. Today I humbly come before you with prayers of thanksgiving. We are so blessed to have you to turn to, to lean on and to come to for help. Please continue to surround us and comfort us.
In the name of your Son,

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