How would your life read?

Do you ever read the obituaries? I know people who read them every day. I have told you before that I don’t like to read the paper. If I do read it though, I always read the obituaries. I am looking to see if there is anyone there I might know, but I am also interested in reading about the life those people lead.

In high school I had an assignment to write my own obituary. We were 17 at the time, but to write it as if we were 100 years old when we passed away and this is what we imagined and hoped we had done with our lives. After we finished the assignment, she told us we didn’t have to turn it in. She wanted us to keep it. To look back at it later. Even challenged to rewrite it occasionally. It is a very interesting way of looking at the life you have led.

What do you want your family and friends to remember about you? What would a stranger think of your life when they read it? Are you living up to your potential? Are you sharing your gifts with the world?

What will you do today that would be worth writing about?

Dear and loving God,
Please help us to remember that each day is a gift that we should use with joy. May we find a way each and every day to enjoy what we have, to help another person, to serve you, and to make the world a better place.
I am forever in your service.

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