Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day. Today, I of course am thinking about my dad. I miss him.

My dad was a kind and gentle man. He loved my mom, my siblings and I. He taught me what to expect from a husband and father for my children. He worked very hard to give us what we needed, and as I told you a couple weeks ago, he always took time off work for a family vacation. He was a great dad.

Dad owned a heating and air conditioning business with his dad, during a time when small businesses flourished. He worked long hours, which sometimes included evening and weekends. But, I never felt like he wasn’t around when we needed him. I remember him coming to school programs, concerts, recitals and swim meets. He kept food on the table, a roof over our heads and spent far too much for our wedding than I should have asked for. I was spoiled, and I knew it. I was his little girl, and I took advantage of that.

Every morning he would read the Bible before he went to work. He read it cover to cover, and when he finished he would just start over at the beginning. He was very active in church, serving on nearly every committee at one time or another, served as a Deacon, and visited shut-ins.  Whenever they needed him, he was there.  It was only fitting that he was the first one interned into their memory garden.

I loved my dad very much. I hope he knew that. We lost Dad in July 2010, 5 months after a massive stroke. He had his stroke nearly a year to the day after we lost Ryan. He had a tough time after Ryan passed away, and I don’t think he ever had a chance to get over it. On his way to the hospital the last time, I found out he said “Just let me go see Ryan”. I am sure it was a great reunion.  Ryan was his “little buddy”.

His last few months were a great gift to us.  We had time to talk, laugh and reminisce.  His body had completely failed him, but he could still communicate and share stories with us.  During Kirby’s last visit with my dad, we talked about dads service in the Navy.  It was a wonderful afternoon that I will always cherish.

I am very lucky to have been born into a loving family. I hope your childhood memories are as good.

Dear God,
Thank you for Dad. I know that he is by your side today. Today I am praying for all the dads. May they seek you for guidance in their parenting. May they live in a way that honors you and teach their children to live the same. And finally, I thank you for being the greatest of all parents. Thank you for loving us. Amen

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