Hello God

As some of you know, I have been fighting some minor stomach issues for the last 6 months.  Nothing serious, just enough to make me cranky.  Today is another day of troubles.  I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself and ready to bite off someone’s head when the phone rang.  And in God’s infinite wisdom, I was instantly reminded of how lucky I am and how minor my problem is.  The call was from Compassion International.  I talked to a very nice lady about the living conditions in Columbia.  It was pretty hard to feel sorry for myself after that.

Over the last few months, I have had to make a few changes in my diet.  I love milk, but I have had to give up dairy (ice cream is my favorite food group).  I have lost a few pounds – which I really needed to anyway.  I was told to eat less fat and cut back on red meat.  Basically, I have been told that if my diet was healthier, I might be too.  It has been better, but like I said, today was just another bad day.

My point isn’t to get sympathy, oh poor me.  I was reminded by the phone call that I am very lucky.  I have never gone hungry, I have too many options in fact.  I have a Dr. I can go to whenever I need to, I have good medical insurance, and I am reasonably healthy.  I just needed a reminder of that.

What have you forgotten to be thankful for today?

Gracious and loving God,  I am a very forgetful person.  I am sorry that I take so much for granted that I complain when the littlest thing doesn’t go my way.  Thank you for reminding me again how lucky I really am.  Please watch over and protect all those that aren’t as lucky as I am.  I know that you feel their pain, count their tears and hear their prayers.  Until we are all in your castle, I am your humble servant.  Amen

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