Praying for the children…

I woke today with a very strange need to pray for children.  Not anyone that I know, and not anyone in particular.  I am just overwhelmed with the feeling that there are children I should be praying for.

Did you know there are nearly 7.1 billion people traveling on this giant rock with us?  Aapproximately 2.2 billion of those are Christian.  Of the remaining people, it is estimated that nearly 3 billion will never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those numbers are staggering and impossible to wrap my mind around.  So many will never know the love of Jesus.

I make light of the fact that I live a very simple life.  I have never felt real fear, neglect, or great physical pain.  I have never been abused or experienced extreme hunger.  I was born into a good family and have lived a wonderful life.  I have been blessed.  And, except for losing Ryan, I have never felt real pain.   That is not the case for most humans.

So today dear God, I am praying for all those children in the world who are not as lucky as I have been.  I am praying for kids who are abused, neglected, forgotten and in pain.  I am praying for all those who have no one else praying for them.   I am praying for those poor children who are suffering just because they were born into a bad situation.  I pray they find peace. Amen

Gracious God, none of us have a say in where we start this world.  Help us to be your hands, feet and voice in this world to help those who most need it.

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