How do you pray?

Over the years I have learned many different “ways” to pray. Some I have tried and some I just didn’t think would work for me. Lately, I have used a method taught to me at my current church. When I pray, I use the ACTS method. I think it does a good job of helping to cover everything and it is easy to remember.

A: Adoration. This is where I tell God of my love for him. I remind myself that I am here because of Him, and I am forgiven because the love He has for us in return. I am saved because of His Son.
C: Confession. Usually the lengthiest part of my prayer, where I admit to God all my sins. I am not telling Him anything he doesn’t already know. I am just admitting them and promising to try harder today.
T: Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, and I love being able to go to God and express my appreciation.
S: Supplication. Last but not least, I go to God with my prayers for others. I ask Him to care for my loved ones, to help all those that I know are in need of him, and to give strength to those who I know are struggling. I also pray for someone I have never met, someone that has no one to pray for them and is in the most need of His love. I pray for peace for us all.

As I said yesterday, prayer can become a habit. Talking to God should be habit for all of us.

Thank you for this beautiful morning, Holy Father.  Thank you for loving us enough to listen to our prayers and always knowing what is in our hearts.  Please continue to bless us in so many ways, watch over us and protect us.  In you name.  Amen

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