Please pray for Rob

Today my thoughts and prayers are with my little brother Rob. (We are both middle-aged and he towers over me, but he will always be my “little brother”.) At 4:00 this afternoon, he is scheduled to have his right leg amputated up to his knee, due to an infection and complications from diabetes. I know he is scared. I don’t blame him. It scares me too.

I come from a large family. We are a strange bunch, and we don’t always get along. We all have very different personalities, and some of us are closer than others. But still, we are a family. No matter what the past has done to us, we still care about each other and we may not always say it, but we love each other. I hope they all know how much they mean to me.

Due to geography, we aren’t all together very often; weddings, funerals, occasional birthdays… We do stay in touch; we talk on the phone, we send emails, and we visit each other when possible. But getting us all together is tough. In April most of us were together for my nephews wedding and we picked up just where we left off. (We all have the same very warped sense of humor!) We talked about how much we wish Dad could have been there, we picked on each other, and we tried to embarrass one another. I thanked God for placing me right where he did, in the family that he chose for me. I hope that you have a “family” that you are thankful for, whatever form that family takes. I hope you are as lucky as I to have people who love you and pray for you.

Today, say a prayer and thank God for your family. And for today, also please say a prayer for Rob.
Thank you.

Dear God,
So many times I come to you with worries, and I know you are there to listen. Today I am worried about Rob. I ask that you please guide the surgeons hands, so that the surgery is successful and the infection is removed from his body. Please wrap your loving arms around Rob, so that he finds peace in your presence. And in the days to come, as he recovers from today, help him to find rest, comfort and peace.

And finally, please help him to know how many are praying for him and his recovery.
In your healing hands I lay this prayer.

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