Where is God?

This weekend in worship, Pastor Scott asked us “What have you done to meet God today?” I will be honest, I didn’t hear much of the sermon after that, I couldn’t get that question out of my mind. What have I done to meet God? To meet God.

I think I do a pretty good job of praying, of talking to God. Sometimes I sit in my chair with my eyes closed and pray. Often, while I am alone in my car, I talk to God like he is a friend riding in the car with me. But what I do is talk. Talk, talk, talk. Very rarely do I stop and listen. What if I treated my friends that way? What if I met a friend everyday for coffee and talked the whole time about myself? What if I never stopped talking long enough to listen to my friend? My guess is, that friend would tire of meeting with me. Before long I would be having coffee alone. I imagine that I wouldn’t have any friends.

My goal is to take breaks in my “talking” to God and start listening more. I need to find moments of silence and listen for God. Listen to God. I need to find ways to meet God and learn how he wants me to serve him. I challenge you to do the same.

What have you done to meet God today?

Gracious and loving God,
Forgive me for not spending more time listening for your voice. Please help me to slow down, find quiet, and listen for you. I know that you are trying to talk to me, may I learn to hear what you are saying.

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