Cancer Sucks.

I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. It is just how I feel. Friday I even shared it on the front of my bright pink shirt. Ryan often wore a hat that announced it. It is a simple statement with a simple sentiment. My grandmother would probably be appalled at my language. But still I say it, I write it and I feel it. Cancer sucks.

Cancer finds a way of burrowing its way into everyone’s life. We all know someone who is now or has in the past, battled some form of cancer. Every weekend at church we are told of someone to pray for that is fighting for their life. Cancer entered our family in 1999 and was an unwelcome house guest for nearly 10 years. We were never thankful for the new perspective it gave us and we didn’t think it was God testing us. We fought it as a family, we prayed as a family and in 2009 we cried as a family. Our final promise to Ryan was that we would continue to fight it.

So today I pray for all those that are in the fight of their life. The fight for their life. My friend Sue; my church friends Bonnie, Elaine and Jeanne; my uncle Bill; and so many others. Today when I say “I am praying for you”, please know that I am.

Who have you offered to pray for?

Dear God,
Today I stand before you and humbly ask for so much, for so many. As we know, and I have said so often, you did not make our bodies to be infallible. You made us human and imperfect. I pray you help those struggling with illness to find peace, strength, comfort and healing. I pray that those who are working to find a cure for cancer are successful, and it happens soon. Until then, I thank you for giving them wisdom, courage and perseverance in their pursuit.
In your loving name,

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