A childhood worth remembering

When I look back at my childhood, nearly all of my memories are happy ones.

I remember:
*Dinner was on the table at 6 and we were all expected to be there.
*Mom was there when we got home from school.
*Dad always took time off in the summer to take a family vacation.
*Sunday was church in the morning and Grannies house for dinner.

I always had shoes on my feet, food on the table and a roof over my head. I never went to bed hungry and there was always someone there to comfort me when I needed it. We didn’t live like the Rockefellers, but we never went without. At the time, I took those things for granted. I “expected” everything I needed to be there and I thought everyone lived the same way. As an adult I realize how hard my parents worked to make life so “simple”. What they did for us then, is what shaped so much of what makes me who I am today.

Sometimes I think that in my relationship with God I expect the same things. I act like the spoiled child sitting at the table, pounding my fists and waiting for dinner to be put out before me. Then I complain and kick my feet when I don’t like what is “served”. I think I know what is best and what God should be doing for me. I go to him with list of wants and needs as if I am ordering from a menu.

Dear God,
Please forgive me for asking you for all those things that I don’t really need and often ignoring what I already have. Please help me to more fully appreciate what is already mine and spend less time wishing and wanting for more. You have already given me more than I deserve and have blessed me with a wonderful life.
Thank you for families in every form they happen. We could have been created to be alone, but instead you made us to be people that need others. Help us all to appreciate the other people in our life. May we find ways to support and serve them in ways that honor you.
In your name,

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