Rainy Days

I have a friend that is at the heart of many of my prayers these days. We have only know each other a very short time, but I have come to look forward to our visits. Not because I pleasure in her pain, I am very sorry for what she is going through, but because of the way we look for joy together. Three months ago she was living a happy life and looking forward to her future. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Now her life is full of grief, and I understand that feeling.

The way we live and what we believe is always impacted but our past experiences. A traumatic loss is one of those experiences that changes the way we view the world. For me, I felt like I was looking at the world through dark glasses with Ryan’s name on them. How could everyone live as if nothing had happened? My hope is that I can show my friend that the pain does ease with time, that life will be different but there will be good again.

Life changes. For the better or worse, tomorrow will be different than today. We can only hope that it will be better, and pray that God will help us either way and give us the courage to face whatever comes our way.

May your day be filled with peace, and may you see the rainbow beyond the clouds.

Dear God,
We know that there need to be days filled with rain for our gardens to be filled with flowers. We know that when we experience great sadness in the loss of someone, it is only because we were lucky enough to have found great love in that same someone. We know that our bodies are not infallible and that this world is only a temporary home. This life is preparing us for our trip to be at your side. Please give us the strength to continue on in our journey, the wisdom to seek you, and the comfort of knowing your love.
In the name of your Son, the one who loved us without even knowing us and gave his life to save us.

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2 Responses to Rainy Days

  1. Frank Gaylord says:

    Amy your reflection and prayer are simply inspiring.

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